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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for freight ferry tickets, then the experts in the Transcamion team are the right people to choose. Transcamion has been closely cooperating with the ferry companies for decades and has a complete overview of all of Europe's ferry routes. This provides you with more than 800 ferry connections on over 400 routes in and around Europe, plus the countries of the Levant region, Egypt and the Maghreb states.

At Transcamion, you can make ferry bookings for all types of trucks and transports. Whether you're looking at vans, trucks, articulated trucks, truck-trailer units unaccompanied or transported on their own wheels. And of course that also includes special transports that are extra-large in terms of their dimensions and / or tonnage, hazardous goods transport and the transport of live animals.

The booking procedure at Transcamion is completely based on the latest confirmation methods. You will therefore generally receive your booking confirmation by fax or e-mail, or we can send it by SMS to your driver's mobile phone.

Because we have worked for so many decades with many ferry companies and have our own direct computer links with them, you will general receive your booking confirmation within 30 minutes at most.

On some routes in the Mediterranean area and the Black Sea, or on what might be called "exotic routes", the booking services of the shipping companies in question is not (yet) up to Western European levels. In such cases, it may take 1-2 days, despite the best Transcamion contacts. Transcamion will keep you informed about longer waiting times.

The longer the route and the fewer departures there are, the sooner you should book with us. The shipping companies' freight booking lists are generally only opened 1-2 weeks before departure. Before this therefore, it is usually not possible to make reservations – although you can send your booking requirement to Transcamion earlier, of course. We will then make your freight ferry booking at the earliest possible date.

Normally, 2-3 days beforehand will be sufficient. For short routes, such as Calais – Dover or Puttgarden – Roedby, you can book right up to a few hours beforehand, subject to space availability, of course.

The Transcamion team will try everything. However, success does not only depend on the time and on the availability of space. The main requirement here is that the shipping company in question can handle last-minute bookings from the technical point of view. If so, we are also happy to accept bookings for departures on the same day.

Generally speaking, you do not need tickets and you will not receive any from us either.

Our reservation number combined with the truck registration number provide the authorisation for embarkation. This is carried out, after all, using the Transcamion account. This is how it is also possible for us to accept bookings at short notice.

You will only be sent a separate bill from Transcamion if the trip back was not booked together with the journey to your destination. You will then find the abbreviation "OW" (one-way) on your bill, which means that this bill is only for a single trip.

If you have booked the trip out and back together, you will only be sent one bill for both journeys; the trip back is then marked on the bill as "RT" (return trip).

Transcamion naturally has to be paid for bookings made via Transcamion.

This is also an advantage for you. Only in this way will you be entitled to the ferry price negotiated by Transcamion, with its background as a long-standing, important partner to the shipping companies.

If you pay at the docks, you will also have to pay the price valid at the docks for an individual booking.

Depending on the destination, drivers are allocated special drivers' cabins. There are generally 2 or 4-berth cabins.

Individual cabins can also be booked via Transcamion, if available, on payment of a surcharge.

On certain ferries, separate restaurant tables are also reserved for drivers. Some ferries also offer separate "Driver Lounges".

Normally, only passage for a driver is included in the price. However, there are also routes in Europe on which a driver and a co-driver are included in the price – to England, for example.

Only a person in possession of a truck driving licence is regarded as a co-driver. With all other groups of people, it may happen that they are not accepted as co-drivers because the price for the co-driver is discounted. This also applies for wives and children.

Various ferry lines are currently charging a fuel supplement on marine freight. This supplement is called the "fuel surcharge". Transcamion passes on the fuel surcharge at the rate valid on the date of shipment.

These surcharges can change from day to day, just like fuel prices at filling stations.

If you find that you are going to arrive at the docks after closing or are actually like to miss the departure, you can help us to help you:

  • The Transcamion booking confirmation generally includes the telephone numbers of the embarkation office.
  • Please get in touch as soon as possible, if you realise that you are only going to arrive after the gates have closed or are likely to miss the ferry.
  • Efforts will then be made to rebook you onto the next departure.
  • If the shipping company has no suitable departure or cannot find any space for you, please contact the Transcamion booking office immediately.
  • We will then try to book you with a different shipping company or on a different route which is a logical alternative.
  • This service is generally provided free of charge by Transcamion!

Yes – we don't leave you alone during your trip, even outside normal office hours. Transcamion will give you an emergency mobile number in case you have any unexpected difficulties. Our emergency service can be reached on weekdays in the evenings until 10 p.m. and will help you solve your most urgent problems.

The emergency service cannot accept any bookings. Bookings are taken by our central telephone number until 8 p.m. at the latest.

Not automatically! However, you can have your vehicle insured sufficiently against marine risks in addition via Transcamion from the time you park it on the ferry until the time it leaves this parking space.

For more detailed information about insurance options, or for which type of accidents marine risks insurance is logical and necessary, contact Transcamion today.

Your contact in the event of damage depends on what the cause of the damage was. It is therefore essential that you note the following distinctions:

  • The damage was caused by an Act of God, such as a storm etc.: If you have taken out marine insurance, the damage will be covered by this (see insurance conditions). In this case, please report the damage immediately to the loading officer on board, have it documented and then forward it to Transcamion.
  • If the damage was caused by a deliberate mistake on the part of the shipping company or its staff, you must complaint about it to the shipping company's representative on board – ideally the ferry's loading officer.
  • Damage which was caused, for example, by other vehicles or passengers are not the fault of the shipping company. You will need to settle this directly with the party causing the damage, just like a traffic accident on the road. We recommend that you record the incident immediately and report the damage promptly to your vehicle insurance company.

We do not regard special requests as a problem; we see them as an opportunity to show off the full breadth of our services.

Because of our direct close contacts with the shipping companies and other partners, we are also able to handle special requests quickly and without complications.

Whether you need to transport excessively wide or heavy vehicles, hazardous goods or living animals – no matter what it is – it doesn't hurt to ask, and the Transcamion team are prepared for everything.

For special transports over 40 tonnes or above 20m length, 3m width or 4.5m height, special ferries may be necessary. Transcamion has them. And it also has them for transports over 150 tonnes or 25m length or 5m width.

The "IMCO Classification" defines precisely what goods are hazardous, from oil paints to explosives. Ferries with enclosed decks are often unsuitable for this.

Transcamion knows where there are special ferries with open upper decks for hazardous goods vehicles - ask our experienced freight team for details.

We would be happy to inform you which regulations apply for shipping living animals, as distinct from the regulations for shipping normal loads.

Transcamion offers you a whole host of services relating to freight ferry bookings – to make sure everything goes right when the chips are down. Transcamion services include:

  • online booking for rapid handling
  • express booking confirmation
  • regularly updated ferry listings
  • fair, reasonable prices
  • emergency help at the weekend
  • reliability and planning certainty
  • advice on planning the best routes
  • a team of experts with native speakers
  • Roro as an alternative
  • knowledge of docks for risk-free booking