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Eurotunnel Freight

Contact Transcamion to book your freight crossing with the ever-popular Eurotunnel.

With the shuttles you cross under the English Channel from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 Minutes. You have easy access to the main traffic routes to London and the Continent to the A16 and A26 in Calais and the M20 in Folkestone.

Vending machines are located where you can buy a snack or drink anything just before the departure of the access roads to the trains. Book with Transcamion the Euro Tunnel train to run every 10 Minutes during the rush hours. Take advantage of online reservation and open a tunnel Euro account with us.

Eurotunnel Freight - Route Overview

Timetables Number of Crossings Duration
Calais - Folkestone up to 40 per Day 35 Minutes

Eurotunnel Freight - Find out more

Are drivers included in the price?
2 drivers are included
Is a cabin included?
No cabins are included
Are meals included?
Meals are not included
Are dangerous goods allowed?
Dangerous goods are allowed under the ADR scheme, but must be requested in advance
Fuel Surcharges
Currently there is no fuel surcharge
Are oversize vehicles accepted?
Oversize vehicle dimensions are available on request.